Weekday lunch in Highlands Denver doesn’t have to be boring. If you work close to the Lower Highlands neighborhood, make Ale House your new midday break. Our menu covers a variety of tastes (even healthy ones!) and who wouldn’t want to break up their day with a cold draft beer? 

Below are a few suggested pairings to get you started, hand-picked by our chef. Come in and ask your server for other recommendations if your palate is feeling extra adventurous. Maybe you will get lucky, and our chef will pair a beer for you.

Craft Lager alehouse Ahi Tuna

Craft lagers have a great malty and bready presence that compliments the richness of the tuna and the sweetness of the sauce. Lagers finish clean and crisp on the palate so you aren’t overwhelmed by this pairing.

Stout or Porter alehouse Pulled Pork Sandwich

Stouts and Porters are dark and toasty which makes for a perfect BBQ pairing. The tang of the BBQ sauce cuts through the thickness of the beer and the toasty flavors of the beer highlight the smokiness of the pork.

Brown or Amber Ale alehouse Meatloaf

Browns and Ambers have great nutty, earthy sometimes caramel tones and not to heavy on the palette. Solid pairing for a solid meat and potatoes dish.

Farmhouse/Saison alehouse Ale House Cobb Salad

The Cobb salad has a little bit of everything so it’s fun to try different beers every time but one of our favorites is a nice Farmhouse or Saison. These styles traditionally have a list of fun flavors from fruity, spicy and earthy all of which pair with one or more of the elements in this salad.